early settlers said Alpine made them feel as if they were in the Swiss Alps. Our herd is small in numbers, consisting of the finest quality foundation dams found anywhere in the world. Our stud row stands toe to toe with any other elite suri row. We truly believe our suri genetics are the most advanced in the industry as our alpacas consistently prove themselves in the show ring year after year with championship honors. We welcome all guests to visit what has become one of the leading suri operations in the world.


Alpine Suri - Reserve Small Breeder of the Year

Alpine Suri was awarded Reserve Small Breeder of the Year at the Futurity Show in Oklahoma City. The entries were offspring of 'A Few Good Men' herdsires and are another year's evidence of the pre-potent males who bring excellence into the suri industry. Alpine Suri is dedicated to producing the best genetics that continue to elevate the entire alpaca community. Please contact us to see how Alpine Suri genetics can boost your breeding program.


Top Honors at the AOBA National Show

Alpine Suri's Alfonzo was awarded Suri Male Judge's Choice at the AOBA National Show. This show was the largest suri show to date with over 800 suris competing in the show ring. Alfonzo contended against the top male champions in the industry and is an emphatic testimony to the advancement that the suri alpaca is making in the USA. Alfonzo is now standing stud in the beautiful British Isles.


Members of Suri Network

Suris are very rare and account for only 1% of the total alpaca population. The Suri alpaca is the only alpaca in North America to have an approved breed standard. Suri breeders have formed a strong breed association called Suri Network whose purpose is to promote the growth of the industry, to protect the economic and legal interests of its members, and to provide a forum for members to collaborate. The Suri Network is committed to continued research for the advancement of the suri alpaca. Suri fiber is high end, prized for its luster, fineness, slick handle, cool feeling, drape, elegance, and strength.


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